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AB adhesive

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Mobile phone AB double-sided adhesive toughened glass

Item details

AB double-sided adhesive toughened glass membrane, a side on the basis of the PET is silica gel is the OCA adhesive toughened glass to protect special double-sided adhesive, including silica gel (auto exhaust) joint at mobile phones, OCA glue joint in the glass.


1, one side OCA optics acrylic adhesive, strong adhesion;

2, a pure silicone resin, silicone, automatic exhaust bubble, from one direction and fast;

3, all the light transmittance: 93.6%;

4, low fog degree;

5, ultra-thin: 0.12 mm thick;

3. The product is stable.

Color: transparent

Base material: PET

Thickness: 0.12 (mm)

Imported brands:

Power on the LCD screen.

3, high pervious to light, the light transmittance over 93.6%, guarantee the high resolution LCD screen.

4, the use of special silicone resin with low viscosity automatic adsorption capacity, high exhaust performance, effectively prevent bubbles.

5, good spin off again, do not come unglued, effectively prevent the residual adhesive left on the surface of the LCD screen

High transparent AB double-sided adhesive used for toughening glass above, have the effect of adhesive toughened glass and screen. So have a lot of request for the double-sided adhesive. The tempered glass membrane has the following role!

1. The ultra-thin: only 0.12 MM thickness; Because it is touch screen, so you need to slim, can have a better touch induction.

2. Super fast automatic exhaust: the best on the market the exhaust effect, simplify the installation program, let everybody can install for yourself.

3. High light transmittance over 93.6% : high-grade optical material

4. No incomplete glue: replacement of toughened glass film will not, will not affect the original mobile phone screen

5. No bubbles: use for a long time will not automatically produce bubbles.

6. No watermark: avoid watermark generated during installation.

7. Stability: after long-term use, can achieve long-term stability of transparent effect

Toughened glass film features:

1, high strength and anti-scrape: 8-9 h hardness, and much higher than the ordinary film, 3 h hardness, refused to screen scratches, tests have shown that under the condition of normal use, three years will not be scratched;

2, high-definition, optical transmittance, low reflection, high penetration;

: 3, prevent fingerprints on the surface of polymer anti fingerprints, fingerprint inhibition than ordinary protective film is greatly increased (note: the current technical conditions, 100% against the fingerprint is impossible, toughened glass hd membrane can maximize prevent fingerprints effect);

4, touch smooth: eliminate the common membrane touch crude sense, feel is more smooth, more fluent operation;

5, responsive: although the thickness is 3 times of ordinary film, but when using touch response speed is very good

6, explosion-proof

7, no bubble, easy to stick three seconds.

8, clear image and highlight stereo feeling, and improve the visual effect